There are as many good reasons to give to The Landing School as there are supporters of the school. Some wish to express their gratitude to the school for setting them on a path to professional success. Others derive satisfaction from giving a helping hand to the next generation of marine industry leaders. Still others are motivated by a desire to support a particular program or initiative that holds special meaning in their life.

Annual giving provides strength in numbers

Whatever your motivation - or whatever amount you give - the important thing is that you participate. A great way to start is with an annual gift to The Landing School Fund.

At face value, it may appear that a gift of $25, $50 or $100 could not have a real impact on student life at The Landing School. Of course, don’t take everything at face value.

The true power of making an annual gift of any size to The Landing School Fund lies in the numbers. Each gift is pooled with the generous donations from thousands of other members of our community, and together these funds make a real difference on campus. Know that no matter how little you can give, you are extremely grateful for your support!

25 gifts of $25 ($625)
Could fund a CAD software upgrade for the Yacht Design program.

50 gifts of $50 ($1,250)
Could purchase new books for the Learning Resource Center.

25 gifts of $75 ($1,875)
Could fund a research grant for a faculty member.

50 gifts of $100 ($5,000)
Could purchase new laptops for incoming students.

60 gifts of $200 ($12,000)
Could fund a grant to help a student achieve her dream of studying abroad for a semester.

40 gifts of $250 ($10,000)
Could provide a deserving student with a partial academic scholarship.

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